Wedding Vows – At Last

I’ve seen many weddings on the Playa, attended a few, even been the celebrant in two vow renewal ceremonies (for our 40th and 50th anniversaries), but the wedding of my son Jacob and his new bride Mary was unique.  It was the first Burning Man wedding at which I officiated and it was also the first I had seen between two unicorns.

Unicorns in love. Picture courtesy Grassy Road Studio

The wedding was held in front of the Temple – appropriate since Jake (Playa name: Carousel) headed up the Temple Guardians for the past five years and remains active within the organization.  The two were wed in beautiful, hand-made unicorn costumes that included stunning masks.  They played their roles perfectly, whinnying and nuzzling as naturally as if they were the real things (well, the real mythological things).

As I told the dozens of attendees how these two kindred spirits had met 30 years ago and almost instantly fell in love, only to be torn apart because of prosaic issues of family, location, and religion, I could feel a surge of empathy and understanding. The rebirth of their love was miraculous and reached its pinnacle with the two deciding to move in together, and, eventually, to marry.  That marriage took place today, August 30, in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

The wedding was followed by a brunch/reception that featured mimosas, waffles, eggs, cupcakes, and, of course, plenty of bacon.  The bride and groom plan to honeymoon at Burning Man.

This jewel-like art installation changed colors and shapes continuously

We had two great weather days here in Black Rock City.  Low winds, mild temperatures (for here) and azure skies.  Those benign conditions have scattered today in the face of near white-out conditions, resulting from an uptick in wind speed.  Looking out toward the open Playa, I could see only the first large art installations and nothing more.  The man and the Temple had disappeared into the dusty haze.

This year’s giant puppets from Spain walk and talk

The Temple opened yesterday (Wednesday) around noon and is already one of BRC’s busier spots.  More about it tomorrow. Meanwhile, other art installations have been completed and are now being viewed and enjoyed by Burners.  One of particular note is this year’s giant puppets from Spain.  Last year there was only one puppet, but this year there are two characters who are sometimes seated, but can also stand, walk, and speak to each other.