More Ticketing Info; Burnal Equinox Upcoming

Ticket sale pre-registration has begun.  Click here to fill out a Burner Profile and pre-register.

We’re almost at ticket sale time for the Burn, and I wanted to encourage all of you who are even the least bit interested in going this year to pre-register for your tickets.  Below is information lifted directly from the Jack Rabbit Speaks email newsletter that is sent out irregularly from Burning Man Headquarters.  This article details the steps required if you want to purchase tickets.  Let me reiterate that there is no lottery this year.  Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis, and priced uniformly at $380 per person.

Review the info below and mark your calendars with these important dates.  I want to again encourage everyone in our 50 and over group to come to Burning Man this year to experience a unique slice of Americana and a week that will make you feel young, vital and excited.



To access the first-come first-served Individual Ticket Sale on February 13, you MUST pre-register between Wednesday, February 6th (at noon PST) and Sunday, February 10th (at noon PST).

To pre-register, go to and follow the instructions.

Within 36 hours, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to access the sale and your verification Passcode.

To access the ticket sale on Wednesday, February 13th (starting at noon PST), click the link in your confirmation email OR go to and enter your verification Passcode.

Full information about Burning Man ticketing can be found on our ticket page ( If you have further questions about Burning Man ticketing, please see our FAQ ( or visit our interactive online support forums (

DSCF0627Burner Art from 2013

The Burnal Equinox

One way to ease yourself into Burning Man is to attend one of the multitude of alternative events occurring at locations around the world.  The upcoming Burnal Equinox (the mid-point between Burns) is celebrated in locations around the world.  The current JRS details the celebration to be held March 2 in San Francisco.

Burning Man events such as the one described below, as well as de-compressions and pre-Burning Man parties are normally one-day affairs held in locations more accessible and less harsh than the Black Rock Desert.  They give you a sense of Burning Man through art, gifting, costumes and the whimsical, loving spirit that is the hallmark of the Festival.  They’re also usually inexpensive.

Here’s more about the Burnal Equinox from the current JRS:


The Burnal Equinox marks the midway point between Burns, and offers an opportunity to celebrate together in the spirit of Burning Man. And so we shall, on March 2nd at Public Works in San Francisco. We’ll have more information to come, but in the meantime, here’s the Burnal Equinox 2013 event page on Facebook:

AND a sharable version of the poster:

A Final Note

So if you’re looking for a taste of Burning Man or an opportunity to experience the event without committing to a full week in the desert, make your way to San Francisco on March 2nd and celebrate the Burnal Equinox.  Or search the web for a local Burnal Equinox celebration in your vicinity.

Next post:  this year’s theme.